The BSR  portion of the Trail System

Baxter Snow Riders maintain C trail from Coldwater to B105 just past Gibson lake.  In addtion, trail 16, 19, 11a,b,c are in our area.  The OFSC provides us with a 2003 BR 180 groomer (which is currently being repaired) to pack and groom this approx. 100km's of gorgeous trail. Mother nature dictates the opportunities we have to keep the trail open and in top condition.  2016/2017 season was challenging for the club as we didn't get the freeze necessary to close the water zones and then the groomer we were given to use simply couldn't get up our steep hills and severely limited our ability to properly pack and groom the trails.  Fortunately this year, the groomer has been picked up by the OFSC and we will receive back a unit that can negotiate our terrain.  So all we need is Mother Nature to first freeze our world up solid and then dump the snow, in that order - perfect conditions for us to make a first class trail in the amazing township of Georgian Bay!

The lastest news on our trails:

November 4 - 10 volunteers spent most of the day brushing and fencing in and north of Six Mile Lake Park

November 5 - 2 volunteers moved the packer into place ready for the groomer to show up and be up-fitted.  Also, 1 volunteer brushed trail 16.  Another piece of the puzzle in place for the big freeze!

November 19 - All trail entrances brushed and signed from Coldwater to Six Mile Lake Park - close to ready for the season - trails will be signed off by Dec 2 - now waiting patiently for a groomer...kind of important for making trails!  OFSC advises we should have one by December 15...wish us luck!

November 23 - C trail south of Quarry Road cleared of tress and brush.  Baguley road to C trail cleared as well - water blockage found and needs to be dealt with.  11A needed a large treefall removed - thanks to Bud and Terry!